A city where dreams come true. Where you can be whoever you want to be, flickering in its flame for five seconds of fame. Then disappear into the darkness.

Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC
Release date: September 26, 2017



1 CHARGE Dash into your enemies with your Shield to make them cry. And fly.
2 ENERGY SHIELD Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Use your shield at a distance to repel bullets and blades or combine it with dash to smash your opposition
3 DASH I see you’ve got some speed. That’s good because you’ll need it more than you realize. I’m not talking about retreat but rather crashing right through your foes. You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure of that.



1 CREEPS The name says it all. They’re a bunch of third children, reclaimed and brainwashed by local mobsters. Wicked and crazy. Numerous and disposable. Honestly, I feel sorry for them.
2 HEAVEN SECURITY Short tempered and hard-wired. These semi synthetic guards are damn sharp and fast but electrically sensitive.
3 TRIAD KILLERS Professional assassins specialized in silent, fast and swift work. Paramilitary organization consisted mostly of ex-soldiers. Their origin is unknown, they seem to have close ties with the Triads. Usually hired as the last resort.
4 CYBORG MINOTAUR The bosses like their toys personalized and often inspired by mythical beasts to pump up the intimidation factor. This one is big, heavy, and as strong as they get outside of military grade cyborgs.


Watch The Trailer.


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