Google has launched its Tez payment app for India . Tez makes use of India’s UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for carrying out the operations and you can also send money through IFS code and no other hardware needed .

Google has offered a totally new feature in Tez , this includes ‘proximity’ payments . In this feature users can carry out ‘cash mode’ transactions which means that users need not reveal their mobile number nor their bank account details for doing transfer . In this method , transfer of money is done when both phones are near each other through audio QR Technology where phones will communicate through audio waves(mice,speaker needed which every phone have) . Meanwhile , it should be noted that Google has also created a special version for businesses , called Tez for Business where money can be transfered for business purpose .

Tez works with all the major banks in the country . To roll-out smoother services , Google has also partnered with top banks like Axis , HDFC Bank , ICICI and State Bank of India but many banks are not attached which could be a major drawback . The users can transact $1,00,000 in one day across all UPI apps can make maximum 20 transfers in a day .

Google also supports many Indian languages , which makes it more convenience over many other digital payments apps and also provides some REWARDS but have conditions which should be known before applying .



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