Cloud storage provider Backblaze has released their hard drive failure stats for Q2 2017 . This stats will act as a

pretty good indicator of the hard drive reliability . 

If we focus on the 3TB category, HGST, with 0.82% failure rate, performs way better than its competitors Toshiba and WDC .

Probably, HGST is the most preferred brand . The same trend is also observed in 4TB models .

If we compare the hard drive failure rate by size , then 8TB model turns out to be the most reliable model , followed by the 3TB models . The 4TB, 5TB, and 6TB models perform with comparable reliability . So , if you are in a mood to buy a new HARD DRIVE then  please see the stats . 

You can read the complete most reliable hard drive report by Backblaze here on their blog .


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